Unto - Colorgem Lapis-Lazuli - Multicolor Wax Cube Shape (3.5 x 3.5 cm)

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A precious gem in your hands


  • Being a cubic multicolored wax. Its shape is unusual and its colors too, but that's because it's the most special wax you've ever seen. Its cubic shape allows, as you write with it, to form a gem or stone that resembles those of the natural world. Also, this wax is not a single color. The colored dots present in his composition draw a pattern of different colors when you paint, giving rise to a unique and unexpected mix in each stroke.

  • Immerse yourself in a direct trip to your childhood. Unto wants to remind you of those times that, in your childhood, you took a white stone, a burned piece of wood, a piece of red brick and you started to paint on the floor, on the walls and even on your clothes. That liberation of limitless creativity and that union with nature is what the colorgem symbolizes. Dare to travel in time with them.

  • Its beautiful blue color. Its bluish tones, together with purple, white and gray, create tones that are close to sky blue, cobalt blue and silver, giving nuances to the line that enrich the original colors and create new tones.

  • Have in your hands a true piece of design. This wax was selected for the Dezeen Awards 2020, some prestigious design prizes awarded by the relevant English design magazine Dezeen.

  • Being available in the following models, each inspired by a different gemstone: Ruby , Gold , Pearl , Lapis-Lazuli , Sulfur and Jade . But if you can't choose and keep only one, the colorgems are also available in packs of 3, the Colorgem Box Of 3, in three combinations: Sulfur+Amethyst+Turquoise , Lapis+Granite+Pearl and Gold+Ruby+Jade .
  • Being an educational wax. The wax erosion process is reminiscent of the rock erosion process in nature. Take advantage and teach the little ones one of the most fascinating processes of nature while they develop their creativity and combine everything, because each erosion and wear of the wax is proof of the line and authenticity of the artist behind it.


    Unto is a multidisciplinary studio created in 2019 in Taipei with a unique approach: to get closer to nature through its pieces. Its concept is to unite, through paper, which is considered a key piece of artistry, people and objects in relationships that are not direct but that make us reflect on historical, political and social forces. that have shaped our environment. By reintroducing objects inspired by others that are not typical of the stationery field, Unto makes us stop and reflect on this wonderful and rapidly changing world in which we live.

    • Size: 3.5 x 3.5 x 3.5cm
    • Material: Paraffin wax, talcum powder and pigment
    • Color : Different shades of blue with purple, white and gray
    • Origin : Taiwan - Taipei

    For all those who declare themselves fans of paper and for all those who are going back to school, Notable Kids is born, the new Notable-Notebooks.com collection designed for the little ones. For the first time, this year the little ones will be able to experience a colorful, fun and why not, very stylish return to school.

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