How to boost your brainpower: handwriting

Por Anna-Carin Nordin 

Unleash your inner creativity and boost your brain power with the power of handwriting! Whether you're taking notes or expressing yourself through writing, the benefits are undeniable. See the 3 main benefits of hanwriting and how it can change your life.

Photo: Mar Ordonez

Improves cognitive development: Handwriting requires the use of fine motor skills and can help with the development of cognitive skills such as memory, attention and perception.

Enhances learning and retention: Writing by hand can improve learning and retention of information. Studies have shown that students who take notes by hand tend to remember and understand the material better than those who take notes on a computer.

Boosts creativity and expression: Handwriting allows for more personal expression and can be a form of self-expression. It also allows for more creative writing, as it is often more difficult to edit and change text that is written by hand.