Remarkable tools to help you change habits

by Anna-Carin Nordin

"Atomic Habits" by James Clear is a popular book that offers ideas and strategies for changing habits. Although the book itself is a valuable resource, no specific tools are mentioned. However, James Clear presents a framework for habit change that can be translated into concrete steps. Here are some key concepts from the book that you can apply with tools available in Notable Notebooks.

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1. Habit Tracking

Use a habit tracker to monitor your daily habits. You can create a simple table or use pre-existing templates. Write down each instance of your desired habit and mark your progress regularly.

Notable Tools:


2. Implementation intentions

Create a document specifying your implementation intentions. Clearly define when and where you will carry out your habit. Writing specific plans can increase the likelihood of habit execution.

Notable Tools:

3. Habit Stacking

Make a list of your current habits and identify where you can insert new habits. Use a list to create a visual representation of your habit stacking plan.

Notable Tools:

4. Identity-Based Habits

Develop a written statement that reinforces the identity you wish to adopt. It can be a simple statement or a more detailed personal manifesto. Keep this tool in a visible place as a reminder of the person you strive to be.

For example you can:

Create a desktop background for your computer with your affirmation

Make a Vision Board

Or simply stick several post-its in strategic places related to your habits.

Notable Tools:

5. Keep a Journal

Consider keeping a journal to reflect on your habits, progress, and setbacks. Write down your thoughts, experiences, and adjustments you want to make to your habits.

Notable Tools:

6. Visual cues

Create visual cues or reminders using notes or paper cards. Place them in strategic places to encourage the desired behavior.

Remember that the key is not to constantly apply the principles discussed in "Atomic Habits." Adapt these ideas to your preferences and needs. Experiment with the tools we propose and find what works best to reinforce the habits you want to cultivate.