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Notable tools to help you change habits

"Atomic Habits" by James Clear is a popular book that offers ideas and strategies for changing habits. Although the book itself is a valuable resource, no specific tools are mentioned. However, James Clear presents a framework for habit change that can be translated into concrete steps. Here are some key concepts from the book that you can apply with tools available in Notable Notebooks.

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Manage your time with the Pomodoro method

These 3 task planners will help you organize your tasks, goals and pomodoros

This is what a paper for writing with a fountain pen should be like

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5 reasons to start a journal today

Have you ever considered keeping a journal? Keeping a journal is a personal practice that can be very rewarding and can help you live a more conscious and meaningful life. You will be surprised to know that this practice can have many positive benefits for your emotional and mental well-being!

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How to increase your intellectual capacity

Unleash your inner creativity and boost your brain with the power of handwriting. Whether you're taking notes or expressing yourself through writing, the benefits are undoubted.

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3 notebooks to bring out the best in you in 2024

Gratitude, introspection and action are the basis of a healthy and productive mind

Notable Offices

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3 planners to manage meetings

No more eternal meetings without objectives and without reaching conclusions.