This is what a paper for writing with a fountain pen should be like

by Anna-Carin Nordin

If you write with fountain pens, it is recommended to use a high-quality paper that has certain characteristics to prevent the ink from spreading or bleeding, which can result in illegible writing or a sloppy appearance.

Below we detail some important features:

1. Weight

Weight refers to the density of paper and is measured in grams per square meter (g/m²). For good writing quality with fountain pens, it is recommended to use paper with a weight of at least 80 g/m².

2. Softness

The smoothness of the paper affects the pen's ability to glide smoothly over the surface. Smooth, smooth paper will allow for more uniform and fluid writing.

3. Absorption

The paper must be able to absorb the ink evenly and quickly, to prevent it from spreading or bleeding.

4. Transparency

The paper should be opaque enough to prevent ink from transferring to the next page, which can result in smearing or fading.

5. Resistance

A high-quality paper should also be resistant to tearing and abrasion to ensure durability.

In summary, for writing with fountain pens, paper with a weight of at least 80 g/m², soft, absorbent, opaque and resistant is recommended. In addition, it is important to choose paper from a recognized, quality brand to obtain the best results when writing. At Notable Notebooks we have selected the best brands and notebooks so you can enjoy the magnificent experience of writing with a pen.