Chime For Change and Notable-Notebooks

From Notable-Notebooks we have dedicated March 8, 2018 to all future women, to the girls who observe our world with eyes full of curiosity and questions. In order to grow and become a brave, generous, ambitious and courageous woman, you must have knowledge. Unfortunately, today and in the world, many girls do not have the right to learn, go to school and have the opportunity to learn to face their future since childhood.

From March 8 to Sunday March 11, for each notebook, notebook or writing element that has been sold, we have given 10% of its value to Chime for Change, a project promoted to support and protect girls and women.

Let's make a remarkable change for future remarkable women!

The campaign we support: 250 Teachers for the girls of Afghanistan.

Since the fall of the Taliban regime the enrollment of girls in schools has increased year by year. However, the Government of Afghanistan estimates that 73% of teachers do not have the minimum qualification required for teaching and are in need of professional development. This problem is more acute in girls' schools than in any other sector. This leads to school dropout and poor academic performance that leads girls to not realize their full potential. This project will support 250 teachers and more than 36,000 school girls (and boys).

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