Ana Milena Hernández Palacios is the founder and creative director of Masquespacio . Colombian born in Bogotá, she declares herself passionate about design. A passion that has led him to create in 2010 together with Christophe Penasse the creative consultancy Masquespacio. Based in Valencia, she was awarded in 2016 with the AD Nuevos Valores Massimo Dutti Award, as well as the "Wave of the Future" Award for Hospitality Design in the USA. Ana's creative vision is turning the Spanish design landscape upside down with her colorful works inspired by the Memphis movement.

      How do you combine stationery and technology in your life?

      Well, in general, in my life I identify technology more with execution, technique, tools and everything analogical I associate more with emotion. By that I mean that 90% of my work is created digitally. However, my handbag notebook and work notebooks are meticulously chosen, I like to write things down in pencil so I use them a lot!

      Any hobbies with stationery that you can reveal to us?

      Many! I'm very manic, in the studio, Paula (my right hand), always had a horrible schedule and I couldn't bear to see that thing on the meeting table (I know, I'm the worst). The thing was that for her birthday I bought her the prettiest diary I could find, but the result was that Paula decided not to use it because it was too pretty.

      I am convinced that design is not something that you do, but rather that you are, by this I mean that everything around me has to be well designed, in that I am very maniacal, from the clothes, to the coffee spoon and of course the stationery . In the studio, as you can see in the photos of our office, we give it a lot of importance, we have some jars where you can only put well-designed pens and pencils and of course that fit with our aesthetics. The notebooks and accessories that we have are carefully chosen.

      I confess to you and it is true that in the studio you cannot go to the meeting table with a pen or just any notebook! Seriously, there is a protocol that says you have to go with the golden pen hehe.

      What do you ask of a notebook?

      It depends if it's the one with the bag, so pretty, small and that fits with our brand. There are many things that I like and do not fit with our colors or our speech.

      And as for the one I use daily to take notes, which also fits our color tones in the office, everything has to go in harmony, but above all, it must be more resistant because if it does not become very ugly immediately and nothing worse who carry a dirty or torn notebook.

      What is the object that cannot be missing from your desk?

      A notebook.

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