She declares herself a tireless traveler and discoverer by trade profession. She was awarded a Webby Award , the Internet Oscar, in 2010 for her project I wanna go there. In Anabel Vázquez she found the perfect partner to found, in 2012, Laconicum , a 100% online store of extraordinary cosmetics, independent and difficult to find in Spain. They defend a contemporary concept of luxury, which is achieved through information, the secret that is shared. It is a sensual luxury with human and manageable dimensions.

      How do you combine stationery and technology in your life?

      In my case I use both daily. Everything that has to do with thinking, designing or structuring something I do on paper. The rest on the laptop. There are many things that if you don't see them drawn or written in your handwriting, it seems that they don't have the same importance.

      I always have three notebooks: one that I always carry in my bag, another one for day to day (A6 size) and a third one that is slightly larger for more complicated schemes or diagrams.

      Any hobbies with stationery that you can reveal to us?

      I have many! I use colored markers a lot, they must be fine-tipped but with a firm line (that can be seen). I like gel pens, which slip when writing. I also use markers. I like that my notebook is full of colors that, although it may not seem like it, respond to a code for me.

      What do you ask of a notebook?

      For me, the ideal notebook is A6 size, sheets with dotted mesh of about 60-90 grams and that opens completely, that is almost horizontal. It is very uncomfortable having to hold one side of the notebook to write on the other.

      What is the object that cannot be missing from your desk?

      You cannot miss a good notebook, in which you want to write and a good pen, black if possible.

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