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Block Design – Tile Oblong Tray Swimming Pool – Tray (8.8 x 20 cm)

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A pool for your accessories

For sale exclusively for Spain and Portugal


  • Being a pretty tray that works for everything. Its multifunctionality will mean that you can use it to store coins and keys in the hall cabinet, to store your most used jewelry in the bedroom or to leave small objects in the bathroom. But, most importantly, it also helps you organize your pens and stationery accessories while also pleasing your eyes.
  • Turn your desk into an example of good taste and craft creation. This tray is made from hand poured Jesmonite resin (a water based solvent free material). An environmentally friendly material that helps keep the carbon footprint at bay.
  • Its mosaic tile design is inspired by the art deco movement, a movement that advocates bringing art to each piece of design. In this case, its blue color transports us directly to the reflection of the sun in the water of the summer pools and its small light blue tiles. Also, to the color of the sea and the water of the east coast of the USA, another inspiration of its creators.

  • Have a soft and fresh texture (like the sea that inspires it). One of the characteristics of this material is that it creates a texture that is fresh and is similar to that of a stone. The veins or irregularities that it may have due to its manufacture by hand will make your pencil holder a unique piece, created especially for you.

  • be stackable If you're not using it at any point, you can snap into it its collector's companion, the Tile Desk Tidy , a snap-on pencil holder that will rise like a bluish skyscraper on your desk. Give a bluish, fresh and summery touch to your environment.


        Block Design is a brand from the United Kingdom created in the year 2000. Its creator, Tara Ashe, wanted to combine her passion for design with her training as an engineer to give rise to a variety of products that, in addition to being fully functional, do not stop aesthetic side. This is how Block Design has become a reference brand in products for the office and home, with a team of creatives who work together and daily to bring us the most innovative products, with the best finish and with a palette of colors carefully selected. His products are sold around the world and in the physical stores of museums such as MoMA or Tate Modern, making them pieces of art in themselves.

        • Size: 8.8 x 20 x 2.1 cm in height
        • Shape: Rectangular
        • Material: Jesmonite
        • Colour: Sky blue
        • Origin: United Kingdom - St Germans

        Fantastic online stationery store with some exclusive products for Spain. Good service and friendliness.

        Ricardo Artola Menéndez

        Brilliant! I have been a customer and fan since the beginning, I love stationery but... this one is Absolutely Special and... Remarkable!!!
        Wonderful Wonder!!! :-)

        Fine B

        I am a fan of stationery, I love Notebook products, I think they make the difference compared to others.

        Lourdes García

        I love this website. Quality products with a very cool style. Super recommended.

        Amelia Zamora Bayón

        I really like this brand because it has very original stationery that cannot be found in other stores. I also like the notebook personalization service and the online shopping experience.

        Patricia Lopez Barriga

        I love Notable Notebooks products and that is why it has become my go-to stationery store. Their material is exclusive and the attention received in both the purchase and return processes makes them simple and agile.

        Amanda Luna

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