Internoitaliano - Neri - Black Ballpoint Pen (13,3cm)
Internoitaliano - Neri - Black Ballpoint Pen (13,3cm)
Internoitaliano - Neri - Black Ballpoint Pen (13,3cm)
Internoitaliano - Neri - Black Ballpoint Pen (13,3cm)
Internoitaliano - Neri - Black Ballpoint Pen (13,3cm)

Internoitaliano - Neri - Black Ballpoint Pen (13,3cm)

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A unique piece of contemporary design


  • Its design inspired by the technical drawing compasses used by generations of architects, designers and engineers.
  • Designed to facilitate a perfect grip and maximum ergonomic comfort: From its perfect size and soft touch of its grip, to the position of the central screw. Manufactured by the Italian company Paraphernalia, which since 1968 has been synonymous with quality and innovation.
    • Constructed in a single piece of anodized aluminum, the Neri ballpoint pen is resistant to the passage of time and agile in the hand.
    • Find refills for your Neri pen here . You can also use the Neri pen with a 2mm lead. The maximum length of the lead must not exceed 6.8 cm.


    Internoitalino began in 2012 with the help of Giulio Iachetti when he designed a series of everyday objects with a single line on paper. Inspired by quality and Italianness, Giulio sought out a network of artisans to bring these objects to life with the highest quality of Italian manufacturing. Today the brand is synonymous with quality and minimalist design and we can still find the influence and use of the continuous line in each object they produce: from the famous and timeless Neri ballpoint pen to the colorful Stra magnifying glass, passing through the twisted scissors. The MA.

    • Size: 13.3 cm long and 1 cm in diameter
    • Shape : Round
    • Material: Anodized aluminum body and black metal central screw
    • Ink Color : Black
    • Origin: Italy - Milan

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