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Crispin Finn - Fun Note Pad Write Here Right Now - Notepad (8 x 20 cm)

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A fun notepad (and lists!)


  • Being a pad created to give a fun touch to your notes. Forget the typical white notepad and enjoy a notepad that encourages you to write down your ideas and tasks. Because, in addition to having space for simple notes, thanks to its red line on the left side, you can write down tasks and make lists using that square to number them or to mark them as completed with a "check" sign once you have taken them to cape.
  • Being part of Crispin Finn's Fun Note Pads collection. Its drawing of a pen that writes the phrase "Write here right now" and its blue and red stripes are no coincidence and have been designed within a collection of the English brand to make the notepads more fun, thematic and useful .

  • Its packaging. The English brand does not use plastic to wrap its notepads but rather a simple strip of recycled kraft paper. In addition, the paper in their notepads is 100% recycled and their pattern is printed in the United Kingdom, reducing unnecessary travel and shipping.
  • Its colors. The Crispin Finn brand is focused on making minimalist and super useful stationery but always using three basic colors to give it a classic and beautiful touch: white, red and blue.
  • Being Crispin Finn brand. Crispin Finn is synonymous with local craftsmanship as many of the products are made by hand or with local producers. In addition, its packaging is another example of the attention to detail of its owners who take care of each piece as if it were unique. Discover the collection here .


Minimalism, utility and economy of color are the pillars that Anna and Roger chose when creating this small and careful London stationery brand. Crispin Finn arose precisely from the need of its creators to have a planner that was practical, beautiful and simple. But simple does not necessarily mean austere or boring and Crispin Finn knows how, through the use of three colors, white, red and blue, to give all his stationery a special charm without distracting from the function of the object. In addition, their designs are screen-printed by hand, either by them or by local producers, and their collection (which ranges from stationery to decoration) is taken care of down to the smallest detail. Let the simplicity and charm of everyday life accompany you.

  • Size : 8 x 20cm
  • No. of pages : 50 sheets
  • Paper : 120 gsm white 100% recycled
  • Binding : Glued
  • Origin : United Kingdom - London

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Fantastic online stationery store with some exclusive products for Spain. Good service and friendliness.

Ricardo Artola Menéndez

Brilliant! I have been a customer and fan since the beginning, I love stationery but... this one is Absolutely Special and... Remarkable!!!
Wonderful Wonder!!! :-)

Fine B

I am a fan of stationery, I love Notebook products, I think they make the difference compared to others.

Lourdes García

I love this website. Quality products with a very cool style. Super recommended.

Amelia Zamora Bayón

I really like this brand because it has very original stationery that cannot be found in other stores. I also like the notebook personalization service and the online shopping experience.

Patricia Lopez Barriga

I love Notable Notebooks products and that is why it has become my go-to stationery store. Their material is exclusive and the attention received in both the purchase and return processes makes them simple and agile.

Amanda Luna

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