Foglietto – Nota Bene Rosa – Squared or Dotted Notepad A5 (14.8 x 21 cm)

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Foglietto tokens reinvented


  • Being the reinvention of the Foglietto index card system in the form of a notepad. Anyone who has used their index cards knows how comfortable they are to use and that is why Foglietto wanted to make this new version on a pad, with the same colors and types of grids as their index cards, so you can continue making your notes and lists. easier and more aesthetic way.

  • Have a small cover that covers the pad making it super portable. This way you can always carry your notes with you in their ideal A5 format without the sheets bending or getting dirty.

  • Give you the possibility to choose between two grid models. The “Quadrato” model contains 70 pink grid pages with a small header with the word “Titolo” (Italian title), while the “Puntini puntini” model contains 70 pink dot mesh pages with the same small header.
  • Its colors and format. Thanks to the fact that they are made with the same aesthetics, paper, grids and color as the Foglietto tiles, you can combine them with them and create your own work or study system. In addition to the chips, you can combine them with each other since this model is also available in green and yellow .

  • His companions. Foglietto has devised a complete organization and annotation system through index cards, boxes and dividers, as well as vertical organizers to place them and these magnificent matching notepads. Find the complete collection here.


    This French brand created in 2019 is inspired by a historical stationery item: index cards and modular filing systems invented in the 18th century. The token has accompanied scientists, philosophers and writers for hundreds of years. But to bring this object from the past to the present, its founder has used the most modern, energetic and colorful design with the intention of differentiating herself from the linear and rigid organization method of notebooks. With its modular format, Foglietto seeks to promote agility, visual management, the exchange and movement of ideas, both in your organization and in your daily life.

    • Size: 1 4.8 x 21cm (A5)
    • No. of pages: 70 pages of graph paper or dot mesh
    • Paper: 80 gr/m² recycled paper made with vegetable inks
    • Binding: Glued
    • Lid: Soft
    • Origin : France - Cugand

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