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Kaweco Collection
Kaweco Collection
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Kaweco Collection
Kaweco Collection

Kaweco - Skyline Sport Collection Toyama - Pen M (10cm)

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Limited edition


  • Its unique octagonal design, designed to facilitate an excellent writing position that provides freedom of movement and maximum precision in the execution of the stroke.
  • Its small size, small in the pocket and large in the hand, make it a perfect pen to take with you anywhere. Includes a clip .
  • Its stainless steel nib with a medium iridium tip made by the Bock house in Heidelberg.
  • Its great versatility when it comes to refilling, accepting both standard ink cartridges and those manufactured by Kaweco .
  • Being a limited edition in Light Blue color with its matching cardboard box. The pen comes with a clip.

The story behind his name

The Kaweco Collection Toyama Teal pen is inspired by the rare and spectacular phenomenon of bioluminescence that occurs in Japan in the Toyama district. Those thousands and thousands of points of light created by a particular species of squid, which put on a captivating show on the surface of the water, are reflected in the high-quality plastic of this fountain pen. Depending on the particular light irradiation, the pearlescent green pigments shine more or less intensely. The overall design is completed by a combination with silver elements.
Mimicking this fascinating event, this pen will be delivered in matching packaging reminiscent of the sparkling waves of water.


    Founded in 1889, Kaweco is a German brand that makes the most famous pens, quills and mechanical pencils adored by experts. They have created timeless reference models such as the Classic, Skyline, AL Sport and Perkeo models, and other temporary ones such as the limited editions of pens for collectors, the Collectors Editions. Its materials, production techniques and design are the result of almost a century and a half of experience in the field of writing. You won't be able to find better pens.

    • Size: 10cm long and 1.4cm in diameter
    • Shape : Octagonal
    • Tip : M (Medium)
    • Material: Makrolon ABS plastic with metal tip and logo
    • Color : Bright blue
    • Origin: Germany - Nürnberg
    • Others: Includes a clip

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    Fantastic online stationery store with some exclusive products for Spain. Good service and friendliness.

    Ricardo Artola Menéndez

    Brilliant! I have been a customer and fan since the beginning, I love stationery but... this one is Absolutely Special and... Remarkable!!!
    Wonderful Wonder!!! :-)

    Fine B

    I am a fan of stationery, I love Notebook products, I think they make the difference compared to others.

    Lourdes García

    I love this website. Quality products with a very cool style. Super recommended.

    Amelia Zamora Bayón

    I really like this brand because it has very original stationery that cannot be found in other stores. I also like the notebook personalization service and the online shopping experience.

    Patricia Lopez Barriga

    I love Notable Notebooks products and that is why it has become my go-to stationery store. Their material is exclusive and the attention received in both the purchase and return processes makes them simple and agile.

    Amanda Luna

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