Once Upon a Tuesday
Once Upon a Tuesday
Once Upon a Tuesday
Once Upon a Tuesday
Once Upon a Tuesday
Once Upon a Tuesday
Once Upon a Tuesday

Once Upon A Tuesday – Lay Flat Notebook Wiggle Wave – Ruled Notebook A5 (14.8 x 21 cm)

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A notebook that mixes usefulness, quality and warmth

On sale exclusively for Spain and Portugal


  • Be a notebook that will serve you both to write down ideas, to use as a diary or to take notes from a course or workshop you attend. This notebook can fulfill the function you want thanks to its 128 lined pages and its details.

  • Your details. This notebook is ideal to be your new diary since at the end of each page you will find a fun wavy line above 7 small empty circles in which you can keep a record of habits or make a color legend for the different topics you want to include in the notebook. Everything is possible.

  • Its lay flat binding. This type of binding allows a total opening of 180º on the table, which makes it easier to write between pages, allows you to use every corner of them and also makes it super comfortable to rest your hand while writing on the opposite page.
  • Have a beautiful cover. Once Upon A Tuesday has chosen earthy colors that, together with its wavy geometric shapes, bring the warmth of summer and sand to your desk.

  • Have a quality paper. Its 100 gram paper means that the ink does not bleed through and, as an added value... it is 100% recycled!


          "Once Upon A Tuesday" is the phrase that the daughter of Michele Ferron, founder of the British stationery brand with the same name, answered one day when she was preparing to read the classic "Once Upon A Time", or in Spanish, "Once upon a time", from a story. When she created the brand in 2020, Michele saw in her daughter's phrase what she wanted to achieve: a brand that did things differently and questioned the status quo and everything we take for granted. That is why Once Upon A Tuesday creates its stationery with 3 things in mind: people, the planet and profit. People because by creating fun and useful stationery, it helps people in their daily lives to organize and be happy; the planet because being made with recycled paper, packaged without plastics and manufactured locally, it has a positive impact on the planet; and the benefit because, if no one benefited from all this, be it them, their employees or their local partners, they would not be able to continue operating. An honest brand in every aspect that will bring that honesty in colorful designs and useful shapes to your desk.

          • Size : 21 x 14.8cm (A5)
          • No. of pages : 128 lined pages (6mm)
          • Paper : 100 gsm FSC® recycled paper
          • Binding : Sewn, lay flat (opens 180º on a flat surface)
          • Cover: 250gsm flexible cardboard
          • Origin : United Kingdom - Cornwall

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            Fantastic online stationery store with some exclusive products for Spain. Good service and friendliness.

            Ricardo Artola Menéndez

            Brilliant! I have been a customer and fan since the beginning, I love stationery but... this one is Absolutely Special and... Remarkable!!!
            Wonderful Wonder!!! :-)

            Fine B

            I am a fan of stationery, I love Notebook products, I think they make the difference compared to others.

            Lourdes García

            I love this website. Quality products with a very cool style. Super recommended.

            Amelia Zamora Bayón

            I really like this brand because it has very original stationery that cannot be found in other stores. I also like the notebook personalization service and the online shopping experience.

            Patricia Lopez Barriga

            I love Notable Notebooks products and that is why it has become my go-to stationery store. Their material is exclusive and the attention received in both the purchase and return processes makes them simple and agile.

            Amanda Luna

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