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Therapy Notebooks – The Build-a-Habit Guide – Journal to Create New Habits (14 x 21.5 cm)

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A journal to create new (and good!) habits


  • Being the best newspaper in English to create new habits . This one-of-a-kind diary will accompany you for 10 weeks so that you can form the new habit that you would like to acquire in your daily life. Created by experts in psychology and psychiatry and with proven clinical validation, this diary will guide you week after week to generate new habits through a program based on experimentation, compassion and creativity. The program, implemented through daily and weekly controls, also wants to make you reflect on which habits fit you and not the other way around, thus reducing the disappointments that occur when you fail to comply with them and increasing adherence to them over time. .

  • Having the support of a psychologist. Before you begin, between the entries and exercises and at the end of the diary, you will find indications, advice, reflections and techniques to follow your habits in a healthy and appropriate way, and also to provide follow-up and support during your process.

  • Being educational. In addition to accompanying you day by day, this diary is educational because, among its pages, you will constantly find useful information and data about how habits work and other types of medical data about the brain and its patterns so that you understand and become better familiar with the process. . Knowledge is power and, in this way, this wonderful journal will empower you on your path to greater self-discipline and personal fulfillment. It is also proven that knowing better what happens to us helps us ensure that the changes we apply to improve have greater permanence in us, making the habits you generate more effective over time.

  • Its price. We all know that therapy today is a luxury that not all of us can afford. For this reason, the generous Therapy Notebooks team has decided to create these diaries, putting all their knowledge to make psychological therapy accessible to everyone. And, for less than the cost of a session, you will have access to 10 weeks of therapy to create good habits that will improve your life, which makes this journal a true luxury that is accessible and within everyone's reach.

        We are increasingly accustomed to talking about mental health and focusing time, effort, and money on it. Many of us know what's happening to us but we don't fully understand it, we don't know how to start solving it or we don't have the resources to do so. Starting from this premise, the American brand "Therapy Notebooks" was created in 2020. Therapy Notebooks, founded by psychologists and psychiatrists Based on strong clinical experience , it offers you a series of guided diaries through which you can do therapy on different problems (anxiety, insomnia, trauma, depression, etc.) in an easy, meaningful and economically accessible way. Now, improving your life only depends on you.

        • Size : 14 x 21.5cm
        • No. of Pages: 144 pages
        • Paper : Cream white, 75 gr. with sections
        • Binding : Smith stitched ( flat lay: opens 180º on a smooth surface)
        • Cover : Hard with orange fabric covering
        • English language
        • Origin : United States - New York

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