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Trolls Paper – Book Cover Jacket Ink Drop – Cover for Plain Note, Essential Note and Caprice Note notebooks (18.7 x 27.6 cm)

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Dress up your Trolls Paper notebook


  • Be compatible with all Trolls Paper Plain Note, Essential Note and Caprice Note notebooks and planners. Trolls Paper notebooks have been manufactured with one goal: to inspire creators. The focus of this Korean brand lies on the use of high-quality materials to make super functional and elegant products.

  • Being a cover specifically designed following the Trolls Paper color line. Within its range of colors you will find elegant and pure tones, with a warm finish even in the most saturated ranges.

  • Your materials. This screen-printed cover has been individually manufactured, with the greatest of care, to give it a silky finish, pleasant to the touch.

  • Serve to extend the life of your Trolls Paper notebooks. Thanks to this cover, your beloved Trolls Paper notebooks will last longer. And not only that, but thanks to its beautiful and special design, you will want to show it off wherever you go.
  • Be available in 3 models: the Ink Drop model, a light brown cover with beige polka dots, the Grid model , a pinkish beige cover with a bluish lavender grid, and the Three Leaf Clover model , a beige cover with a print. of three-leaf clover in bluish lavender color. Thanks to this, you will be able to differentiate the notebooks by projects or dress the same notebook with different covers so that you don't get bored or so that they combine with everything you carry.
  • Respect the environment thanks to the use of FSC paper from the Swedish firm Munken without vinyl or plastic coating and a minimized use of dyes.


    Korean stationery brand that makes products for creators, helping them get inspired and capture their ideas. The focus is on materials and functionality. The design part is in the user's hands thanks to its protective papal covers of different colors. A design that allows you to focus on what is important: the content you are creating in your notebook. Trolls Paper stationery stands out for its design, the elegance of the color choice and the packaging. We like their commitment to the environment using papers from the Swedish firm Munken. They are thin, uncoated, high-quality papers. They minimize the application of dyes to obtain the natural texture of the paper pulp.

    • Size : Compatible with Trolls Paper notebooks measuring 13 x 18.5 cm (Plain Note, Essential Note and Caprice Note)
    • Paper : FSC from the Swedish firm Munken
    • Color : Light brown with beige polka dots
    • Origin : Korea - Seoul

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    Fantastic online stationery store with some exclusive products for Spain. Good service and friendliness.

    Ricardo Artola Menéndez

    Brilliant! I have been a customer and fan since the beginning, I love stationery but... this one is Absolutely Special and... Remarkable!!!
    Wonderful Wonder!!! :-)

    Fine B

    I am a fan of stationery, I love Notebook products, I think they make the difference compared to others.

    Lourdes García

    I love this website. Quality products with a very cool style. Super recommended.

    Amelia Zamora Bayón

    I really like this brand because it has very original stationery that cannot be found in other stores. I also like the notebook personalization service and the online shopping experience.

    Patricia Lopez Barriga

    I love Notable Notebooks products and that is why it has become my go-to stationery store. Their material is exclusive and the attention received in both the purchase and return processes makes them simple and agile.

    Amanda Luna

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