Enrique's career spans between his men's accessories firm The Seelk (its flagship store will soon open in Madrid) and the designer hotel chain he founded with his brothers and their partner, One Shot Hotels . They are “Spontaneous, unrepeatable and unique hotels, which also promote art: each hotel is different, very unique buildings are sought, with special attention to design”. Among other awards for his elegance and style, Enrique has been chosen as the GQ man and the most elegant man by the leading men's fashion store: Mr.Porter.

      How do you combine stationery and technology in your life?

      Perfectly, since many people are surprised that at my age (I understand that young) I still carry a notebook and a pen to my meetings to write down the most important details of the meeting. It helps me remember everything and keep the data much fresher in my head. I don't know if I'm the weird one, but I can't conceive of a presentation or an event without my notebook and my pen. In my case I also use a pen when I am in the office. I'm newsprint and I hate the iPad. So, yes to the smartphone and yes to technology... but not for everything.

      Any hobbies with stationery that you can reveal to us?

      As a child, he was a big fan of spending an afternoon in the stationery shop under the house after school. I would go, make a selection and leave it for my mother to pay the next day (of course, she would appear with less than half of what she had selected... hahaha) I always use a blue pen, I read it better, black tires me, and I always use a highlighter to highlight the messages that I want to stick in my head. In addition, many times to write anything, I first need to write it by hand on a blank sheet of paper, even if I later have to send it to an email or a "post" digitally, I like to write it previously on paper.

      What do you ask of a notebook?

      A suitable size (I think 21x15, DINA 5) that can be carried everywhere. That is elegant and being discreet has its own style and quality. And above all, that is capable of being filled with stories and ideas that later end up in projects and executions brought to fruition. Why do we want a notebook if not to dream?

      What is the object that cannot be missing from your desk?

      Pen, notebook, fluorescent highlighter and a red one…post its and a nice and simple pen. I am one of having an orderly table with what is just and necessary. One or two magazines worth looking at, a computer and a calculator.

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