The Sevillian is an entrepreneur in the area of ​​Offline & Online Communication and is currently training as a Coach. It works actively in the tourism sector promoting destinations and experiences through its different communication channels and produces reports for different media such as Woman Today and Travel. With his book "Dress with style" he shares his advice for not failing in 50 situations of everyday life and other more special ones. You can follow each of her adventures and learn more about style on her blog .

      How do you combine stationery and technology in your life?

      The truth is that both coexist, although I cannot do without technology, I confess that I am even more excited to open a new notebook than to have a mobile in my hands.

      Any hobbies with stationery that you can reveal to us?

      That the notebooks are very big because my handwriting is immense and I don't run out of anything and that the pencils write dark!! Ahhh and pink, if possible, that is always present.

      What do you ask of a notebook?

      That you can add or remove leaves with ease.

      What is the object that cannot be missing from your desk?

      A pencil with an eraser on top.

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