With a Spanish father and English mother, Sally Hambleton is restless, curious and very perfectionist. For ten years he spent his career in the financial world, but he decided to write a part now to fulfill his dream. That is, dedicate yourself to your true passion: floral decoration . With each of his creations he manages to convey a fascinating and always elegant universe. She is trusted by a very wide clientele who dreams of a unique event or a magical wedding. Furthermore, their workshops are a success. He loves to read and enjoy his family and friends in the countryside. Photo by Manolo Yllera.

      How do you combine stationery and technology in your life?

      I am a lover of technology, but I am even more of a lover, and for much longer, of stationery. I remember the excitement of opening a pencil case or opening a box of new pencils...
      Furthermore, I am very visual and there are things that I need to write on paper and see written. I'm Mrs. Smart!

      Any stationery quirks that you can reveal to us?

      I don't like that they have plastic at all. I like organic materials : cardboard, wood, lacquer, metal. But not plastic . I always write with a pencil.

      What do you ask of a notebook?

      Let it not weigh. Make it wide (I have very large handwriting). that the paper
      be smooth: without stripes or squares. And let it be pretty!

      What is the object that cannot be missing from your desk?

      Natural flowers and a candle, with peony scent

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